Community Information Systems:
Social and Economic Benefits
Enhance the Role of the Local Government

Without a well-developed and implemented information system, the Internet does little for the organization in terms of economic connectivity. As the community is already connected to the broadband Internet all it needs in order to align the community and its economic arm is the information system.

The Information Management System is the main connector between local residents, businesses, local governance, and the rest of the world. The spinning wheel is the Internet and the delivery vehicle is the Information Management System. The community represents itself on the Internet with a modern, well-built, and flexible communication and data management system. The information system reduce the impact of the deruralization effect: the migration of young and educated residents to larger metropolitan areas. It also creates local jobs and it increases the standard of living for the local residents. 

The information system enable local residents to actively participate in the municipality decision making process by accessing the data through the embedded web portal. It also allows the local Council to directly connect to the Information System Database to retrieve and upload specific documentation .The local residents’ website section consists of achievable directories such as meetings, minutes, bylaws and other community administration issues. Through the community feedback portal and database local residents are encouraged to login and post their feedback on local governance and management.

The software automatically generates approval rates allowing the management team to adjust its decision making strategy. Local residents’ anonymity is preserved although the software allows only local IPs to access the portal and provide feedback. It also enhances the exisitng website public website portal promotes local tourism, fishing and provides an opportunities for local tourism operators to increase their revenue.It also provides a comprehensive indexed database promoting the history of the region and aboriginal cultural values, indexed oral traditions (stories, audio & video clips) and promotes local businesses and economic opportunities.

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