Stephen Kakfwi
John B. Zoe
Executive Director

Stephen Kakfwi is the former Northwest Territories (NWT) premier and Dene Nation president. For the last three decades, he has been outspoken in his beliefs on the importance of the NWT Aboriginal participation in the northern political and economic mainstream, balancing northern resource development with stewardship of the land, and protecting and preserving NWT Aboriginal languages, culture, and traditions.

John B. Zoe is the former land claims negotiator. Currently, he works as an advisor for Tłįchǫ Government. He holds an honorary doctorate of law. John was the key catalyst in launching and resolving the Tłįchǫ negotiations with the Canadian Federal Government. One of the foremost experts on Tłįchǫ history, a custodian of Tłįchǫ culture, and a driving force in the protection and enhancement of the Tłįchǫ language, he helped to create the Behchokǫ Community Teacher Education Program, which incorporates Indigenous education philosophies into a modern curriculum.

A former engineer with a passion for industrial design, Rares has learned the computer trade in both Calgary and Edmonton. For the last ten years, he has successfully managed a NWT-based IT company, building and installing customized computer software applications for northern communities. Rares has installed and maintained information systems  in several Sahtu communities  over the last ten years.

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